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Add premium Personal Consultants/Experts in your network

Choose your Lifetime Mentors / Trainers / Consultants / Experts / Counsellors & Advisors

Unlimited free Messages

Unlimited Access to India’s top Consultants / Experts with one click

Monthly Free Live Sessions from Best Consultants

Connect, share & learn from your Selfeey consultants in your nearest areas, City & around the world

Access to specialist across 450+ Specialized areas

Dedicated CRM Support from Selfeey for complete consultation process

On Demand Consultant Availability support from Selfeey

Most Essential Professional Community App

Generate Income

Customized learning

Problem Analysis & Solving

Cross Examination

Consistent Support

Right Guidance & Instructions

100% Data privacy & Secured

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Key Benefits

Personalized Video Chat with Consultants

Create Self Shorts Video Interview - Post free to Recruiters & Consultants

Share Queries or Requirement through Shorts Video to all Consultants & Get Solutions from Consultants

Receive Free Job Video Alerts from Connected Consultants & Recruiters

Receive free Daily Learning Shorts Video from Connected Consultants

Receive Free Business Opportunities Shorts Video from Consultants

Receive Free Income Generation Shorts Video from Consultants

Receive Free 100% verified & Genuine Freelance & WFH Opportunities Shorts Video from Consultants

Receive Free Daily Health Tips & Shorts Video from Consultants

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Frequent Asked Questions


Q 1. How do I get started on consult ?

Just download the free Selfeey app from the App Store/Play Store or Web and click on Consult after signing up. You have to complete your profile and you have to be successfully verified to get started on consultation.

Q 2. I have completed my profile, but it still says profile verification pending ?

We’re assuming that you’ve completed both the sections of your profile — your details. Generally verifications are done within 24 hours. If yours has been pending for longer than that then please reach out to us on 080-35010775. We will check everything and come back to you within 30 minutes. ...

Q 3. For how long can I speak to the mentor ?
Once you book an online consultation on our app, you will get 15 minutes to speak to the doctor. This window can, however, change according to the number of queries you have.

Q 4. What is and how can it help me ? offers a supportive environment for discussing various topics, asking questions, and seeking advice from others to ensure you don't get off on the wrong foot.

Q 5. Who are the professionals on ?
100% Verified Consultants, Trainers, Business Advisors, Mentors, Coach & Professionals.

Q 6. Is a suicide helpline ? is a global platform for individuals to discuss their issues, seek advice, and connect with like-minded individuals, not a suicide or crisis hotline.

Q 7. Is free ?
Yes, forums as well as the contents available via blogs and resources is absolutely free.

Q 8. How many times I can use ? is a platform created by and for the people, allowing users to vent freely without restrictions or judgments.

Q 9. Who can post/ comment on ?
Anyone can use Students, Professionals, Parents, Teachers, homemakers, Workers, non-workers, anyone.

Q 10. What all can I post on ? allows users to express their feelings without fear of judgement, promoting a safe space for venting without promoting vulgarity, anti-social, or anti-nationalism.

Q 11. Do the external links on the site have anything to do with ? provides links to third-party sites for informational purposes, but these sites have their own terms of use and privacy policies, and has no control over their content.

Q 12. I’m having trouble with this website, what do I do ?
Contact our team via the contact us form on or email for non-technical issues and for technical issues, and expect prompt response.

Q 13. How can I help myself ? provides a platform for individuals to express their emotions and seek support during challenging times, offering consultations to help navigate difficult situations.

Q 14. Are all the consultants on verified ?
Yes, all the consultants on are 100% verified.

Q 15. What kind of services do Consultants on provide ?
Consultants on provide life transformation services in all the issues you are facing in your life, according to their expertise.

Q 16. How can someone become a Consultant on ?
Anyone can be a Consultant on To become a Consultant on, one needs to go through the verification process.

Q 17. Can individuals find mentors on ?
Yes, individuals can find mentors on

Q 18. Are the Consultants on Experts in their fields ?
Yes, Consultants on are Experts in their field.

Q 19. What is the benefit of using ?
Complete Hassle-free & Cost-Effective service at your fingertips.

Q 20. Is a traditional social networking platform ? is a next-gen social networking platform that allows users to connect with verified consultants, trainers, business advisors, mentors, coaches, and professionals to discuss issues.

Q 21. On what topics we can select our Consultants ?
You can select consultant on various topics like Business/ Entrepreneurship, Jobs/Human Resource, Healthcare, Wealth, Education and Travel.

Q 22. Is open to everyone? welcomes anyone, including experts in their field, to share their skills and learn from top consultants, trainers, business advisors, mentors, coaches, and professionals.

Q 23. What areas of transformation are covered by ?
Every areas of Professional and Personal transformation.

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