Business Setup and scale-up advisor

Business set-up or scale-up advisors are persons who do give advises of how to set-up businesses. They help people to handle various business works and projects. Now in these modern technology days online consultations are great evidence. People now- a day’s handle lots of businesses and projects. Some people are expert who give advice and consultation to share their expertise skills.  Now a day’s online consultation has become too much popular. These online platforms provide consultation that helps other to set-up their business and scale-up. Selfeey is one such platform where you share your expertise and skill sets. You can share your own expertise skill and make-up your career. Earn up to lakhs by giving consultation to thousands of users. Get direct payment without any obstacles. It is the best app as because you can sign-up for free and can keep all your details and privacy safe and secure. It’s the world’s first shortest video consultation app where you get to save your time.