About ShareMyCourse

ShareMyCourse integrated in Selfeey an online learning platform, Classes Taught by Real Learners/Instructors successfully completed the course in any Training Institute or in an online Platform across the globe. Course completion learners/Instructors will share complete skills & provide full access to course and train new entrants/learners personally Live Online with 90% reduction in course fee for same course duration. With access to 1000+ courses to explore, instructors will support fellow-learners face-to-face, through all modules of the course theoretically & practically, empowers you to learn new skills and accomplish real growth. Selfeey technical team does a complete background check, if new instructors completed the course and real experts, team authorizes those who qualified to Train new learners online .

New Instructors
  • Share your course skills
  • Earn money
  • Support Learners
New Learners
  • Get full access to same course
  • Get 90% reduction in course fee
  • Learn & grow your skills with lifetime instructors
Why Selfeey ShareMyCourse ?
  • Discover the new difference in Learning Personally
  • Boost learning and reduce 90% training costs
  • Learn From Anywhere
Establish a great relationship between you and your new instructor